Battery Backup Power Systems

  • Keep essential equipment and services running
  • Store solar power for off-grid use
  • Get expert advice on the best system for your needs
A battery and inverter system is easily installed and can be activated immediately. Charged from the grid or a renewable power source, it can:
  • supply standby or backup power whenever it’s needed
  • store energy for use in an off-grid power system
  • reduce energy costs by enabling peak shaving.
A battery solution can be scaled to suit a vast spectrum of different power needs. It is reliable, efficient and noise-free.

A leading provider of battery backup solutions

ANCO is a leading provider of battery backup systems in South Africa.

We supply trusted lithium-ion and lead acid batteries, in configurations suitable for industrial, commercial or residential applications.

We specialise in making sure our clients get the right battery and inverter systems for their needs. To do this, we offer expert on-site needs assessment, consultation and testing.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

All our products adhere to relevant standards and legislation, and we use only accredited certification agencies. We offer high-quality products, technical expertise and a solid backup service.

battery backup solutions

We supply, install and maintain:

General purpose batteries
Lithium-Ion batteries
Solar batteries
UPS batteries
Flooded batteries
Standby batteries

VRLA batteries

We also offer UPS, generator and solar power solutions, and cost-effective maintenance and repairs of backup power systems.

Backup batteries: our services

Battery systems for businesses and homes
We design, install and commission all types of backup power systems, including battery-based energy storage systems and inverters.

Servicing and maintenance of backup power systems
We offer expert repairs of backup power systems in South Africa.

We also offer service and maintenance contracts on all our systems. This prevents unnecessary and costly downtime, and ensures our customers get the maximum return on their investment.

ANCO can manage the decommissioning, resale, disposal and recycling of old equipment.

battery backup systems south africa

Battery Solutions

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