Distribution Boards

  • supply of distribution boards and switchgear
  • expert distribution board wiring and installation
  • on-going electrical maintenance and repairs

ANCO Technologies offers expert design, installation and maintenance of electrical power systems, including distribution boards.

We also supply distribution boards, switchgear and other hardware components for controlling equipment and its power supply.

It’s important to entrust distribution board installations and repairs to suitably qualified electricians. Properly configured boards ensure safety, protect against electrical faults and can contribute significantly to energy efficiency.

A trusted provider of electrical power systems and components
ANCO is a leading provider of power solutions in SubSaharan Africa.

We are experienced in planning, installing and troubleshooting electricity supply systems, as well as backup power systems, for commercial, industrial and residential use.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

ANCO offers high-quality products, technical expertise and a solid support service. When you choose ANCO as an electrical supplier, you can trust that a professional team is on the job from inception.

db boards

We supply and install:

Electrical distribution boards
Motor control centres (MCCs)
Programmable logic controls (PLCs)
Synchronising panels (SYNC)
Automatic transfer switches (ATSs)

We also offer UPS, generator and solar power solutions, and cost-effective maintenance and repairs of backup power systems.

Power distribution hardware and services

  • Distribution board installation
    Our electrical engineers and electricians offer expert configuration and wiring of distribution panels.
  • Supply of distribution boards in South Africa
    We supply powder-coated, mild steel or stainless steel distribution boards.
  • Industrial power distribution solutions
    Along with distribution panels and switchgear, we supply specialised hardware for controlling and optimising the supply of power to equipment. We offer on-site assessments and can advise on the best power solutions.
  • Electrical servicing and maintenance
    We offer expert electrical repairs. We also offer cost-effective service and maintenance contracts on all our systems. This prevents unnecessary expenses and downtime.

ANCO can also manage the decommissioning, resale, disposal and recycling of old equipment.

Anco technologies services

DB Board services

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