Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

  • Fast, reliable electrical repairs
  • Servicing of UPSs, generators & solar systems
  • Cost-effective service contracts

Our electrical engineers provide expert industrial and commercial electrical services in South Africa. Along with designing and commissioning power systems, we maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment – quickly and reliably.
Among the services we offer are:

  • testing, reconditioning and rewiring of DB boards
  • electrical fault finding, wiring and general repairs
  • inverter, UPS and generator repairs and replacements
  • servicing and repairs of solar power systems
  • certificates of compliance

Leading industrial and commercial electricians in South Africa
We offer the full spectrum of electrical repair services, from finding and fixing faults to upgrading electrical wiring and equipment. We also have special expertise in the installation and repair of solar systems and backup power systems.

For businesses, we offer cost-effective electrical service contracts, giving peace of mind and minimising on-going maintenance costs.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Our electrical engineers have experience in maintaining and repairing power systems across a diverse range of industries and organisation types, from hospitals to data centres and manufacturing plants.

  • Fault repairs
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Inverter and generator servicing
  • Electrical spares and equipment replacements

Our focus is on ensuring that all electrical systems and services we provide are robust, reliable and cost-effective. We also ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Our electrical repairs and maintenance services

Supply of electrical spares and equipment
We offer a range of electrical parts, devices and systems, from UPSs to generators. We source these only from trusted manufacturers.

Electrical maintenance contracts
We offer electrical service and maintenance contracts – and highly recommend these to our business customers.

A service contract from ANCO Technologies can help your business:

  • prevent unnecessary downtime
  • minimise call-out costs
  • ensure electrical safety and compliance
  • maximise ROI on electrical systems and equipment.

Solar repairs
Our team includes solar power experts. We can assist with the design, installation, repair and on-going maintenance of solar power systems and their components.

General electrical repairs
We offer the full range of electrical repair services. Our main focus is on commercial and large-scale power systems, but we assist businesses of all sizes.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

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