Generator Installation and Servicing

  • Eliminate power disruptions
  • Protect against downtime and data loss
  • Power off-grid equipment

We supply and install all modern generator types.

This includes open and enclosed sets; standalone and synchronising generators; and sound-attenuated sets, which are designed to minimise noise.

We can help you determine the best generator solution for your business needs.

Africa’s leading supplier of generators for businesses
ANCO is a leading provider of commercial and industrial generators. We provide generator systems to mines, industrial factories, shopping centres, business parks, hospitals, construction businesses, data centres and more.

We offer custom solutions, based on expert consultation and on-site feasibility assessments. All our generators are built to the highest quality and safety standards. We also offer after-sales support and generator repairs.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

Generators remain the best and most cost-effective power solution for a broad range of applications. Their extreme durability makes them a strong investment. With proper maintenance, generators can ensure a steady supply of primary and/or backup power for decades.

Generator Installation and Servicing

We supply, install and commission:

Base frame generators
10 – 3000kVA – 25mVA
Open sets

Silent generators
10 – 3000kVA – 25mVA
Canopy and Containerised

Generators offer benefits for a range of applications – and over time, can yield savings that far outweigh their purchase price.

  • Switch to backup power during grid outages
  • Ensure constant power supply in critical environments like medical facilities
  • Supply mobile power at large worksites or in remote areas
  • Provide backup and supplemental power for data centres, building sites, manufacturing plants and heavy industry
  • Improve safety by keeping HVAC and security systems functioning
  • Reduce power costs by switching to backup power in times of peak grid demand.

Generator services

Generator installation for businesses
We design, install and commission generator solutions, working with customers to ensure that units suit their specific needs.

We supply only reputable generator brands, backed by excellent after-sales support. We also offer high-quality UPS systems, which can work alongside generators for maximum power protection.

Generator servicing and maintenance
We offer expert generator repairs and servicing in South Africa.

We also offer service and maintenance contracts on all our systems. This ensures that our customers get the maximum return on their investment. Our contracts make it possible to maintain optimal energy efficiency, prevent unnecessary downtime and minimise call-out costs.

In addition, ANCO can manage the decommissioning and resale, disposal or recycling of old equipment.

Generator Installation and Servicing

Generators & Generator Service

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