Data Centre Generators

  • Prevent costly downtime
  • Safeguard equipment against power surges
  • Protect business continuity
With more and more businesses depending on data centre services, data centres have become more diverse. They operate in different industries and locations, with varying applications and at widely different scales.
One result is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” data centre power solution.
ANCO specialises in providing the best, most cost-effective generator solutions, given your data centre’s needs and constraints. We also provide robust UPS systems.

An experienced provider of data centre power solutions

Reliable generators are vital for data centre redundancy.

Our team of electrical engineers and technicians is experienced in designing, commissioning and maintaining data centre power and backup power systems.

We have implemented data centre generators for companies across a range of industries – among them, leading banks, airports, healthcare facilities and more.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

Generators may be paired with other backup power solutions, including UPSs and battery systems. They remain one of the most robust and cost-effective options for reliable data centre backup power.

data centre generator services

We offer the following data centre generator services:

  • on-site assessment and generator site planning
  • custom design of generator systems by skilled engineers
  • efficient generator installation and commissioning
  • generator troubleshooting and repairs
  • cost-effective maintenance contracts.

When you choose ANCO as a service provider, you can trust that a professional team is on the job from inception. We offer technical expertise, robust products and a reliable support service.

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