Power Factor Correction Services

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Improve plant or generator efficiency
  • Free up existing electrical capacity
Does your electrical power system have a low power factor? If so, the system is wasting energy – and your business is paying for more electricity than it needs.
If your system has a power factor lower than 0.96, you may also incur additional reactive energy charges.
Power factor correction is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent this. It can also free up needed capacity.

Stop paying for more electricity than your business needs

ANCO offers trusted power factor correction services in South Africa.

We provide commercial and industrial clients with:

  • on-site assessment of power factor correction needs
  • well-designed power factor correction equipment and systems
  • professional maintenance plans.

We also offer other power conditioning equipment and services, including automatic voltage regulation, harmonic filtering and surge protection. See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

Power factor correction (PFC) equipment typically has a life expectancy of 10 or more years.

The pay-back period for a PFC solution will depend on how low the system’s power factor was to begin with, among other factors. It is usually under two years (and sometimes as short as six months).

Power Factor Correction Services equipment

ANCO Technologies offers the following power factor correction services:

  • on-site electrical energy audits, including power factor analysis
  • honest, expert advice on power correction needs
  • custom-designed power factor correction systems (active or passive)
  • supply of power factor correction equipment
  • reliable support and maintenance services.

Power factor correction is one of multiple strategies that can optimise a power supply system. This process can free up existing capacity (without any investment in upgraded infrastructure) and reduce operating costs.

Our focus is on ensuring that you get the best, most cost-effective solution for your business needs.

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