Solar Power Systems and Repairs

  • Off-grid or backup power supply
  • Expert consultation and feasibility analysis
  • Clean, low-maintenance and reliable
ANCO provides comprehensive solar power and solar backup solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
We offer:
  • on-site feasibility studies and consultation
  • solar system design and installation
  • cost-effective supply of solar system components
  • expert solar system maintenance and repairs.
Solar power is the forward-looking solution for businesses and home owners alike. It offers truly sustainable, clean power, as a backup or for achieving full independence from the grid.

Africa’s leading provider of solar power solutions

ANCO is a leading provider of solar power systems, including on-grid (grid-tie), off-grid and hybrid solar systems.

Our focus is on making sure you get the right solar power solution for your needs and budget.

We also offer cost-effective maintenance, repairs and system components – essential for getting the optimal value from your power system over time.

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We offer stand-alone solar systems for off-grid applications and solar backup power systems, for eliminating power disruptions and reducing energy costs.

solar system installation

We supply, install and maintain:

Solar panels
Panel mounting equipment
Solar inverters
Solar batteries
Monitoring equipment

Electricity continues to increase in price. With a deteriorating national power grid, supply is much less reliable. And there’s an urgent need to protect the climate by reducing carbon emissions.

At the same time, solar power technologies have advanced – and become more affordable.

With these factors all working together, a decision to invest in solar power is a sensible, proactive choice.

Solar power services

Solar power systems for businesses and homes
We design, install and commission all types of solar power systems to meet customers’ specific needs.

We also supply reliable uninterrupted power supply (UPS), generator and battery products, which can work together with your solar solution to provide backup power.

Solar power servicing and maintenance
We offer expert solar power system repairs and servicing in South Africa.

At ANCO, we also offer service and maintenance contracts on all our systems. This prevents unnecessary and costly downtime, and ensures you get the maximum return on your investment.

We are also happy to manage the decommissioning, resale, disposal and recycling of old equipment.

solar installation services

Solar Power Solutions

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