Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

  • Get the best UPS for your needs
  • Protect critical equipment
  • Eliminate downtime
We supply reliable, cost-effective UPS systems, from small, single-phase power backup power systems through to high-voltage, industrial UPSs.
We also offer custom UPS solutions to businesses. Our process includes:
  • on-site auditing and needs assessment
  • a consultative design process
  • flawless installation and commissioning
  • after-sales service.

Leading UPS supplier in South Africa

Our focus is on providing the best UPS power supply systems for our customers’ needs, given their unique power and budgetary requirements.

We achieve this through in-depth knowledge about the full range of UPS product offerings on the market (including the latest industry advancements); effective consultation; and rigorous project planning.

See a list of some of our customers, in South Africa and across the continent.

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We supply and install all types of UPSs – and we offer our expertise to ensure you get the right backup power system for your needs.

Single-phase UPS from 1 to 80kVA
Input voltages range from 110V to 276V

Three-phase UPS from 10kVA to 5MVA
Input voltages range from 208V to 480V

Medium- and High-power UPS from 250kVA to 6MVA
Input voltage from 208V to 480V

Industrial UPS from 10kVA to 3MVA
Input voltage from 220V to 600V

ANCO Technologies supplies rotary and static UPSs; rack-mountable, desktop and free-standing UPSs; and UPSs with standalone or parallel redundant configuration. We also provide commercial and industrial generator and solar power solutions.

Our services

Supply of UPS equipment
We supply UPS systems and components (from UPS batteries to switches and inverters) from leading global manufacturers.

UPS installation
We offer full design, installation, testing and commissioning of custom UPS systems. We have extensive experience in data centre UPS deployment and in meeting industrial backup power needs.

UPS repairs and maintenance
We offer service and maintenance contracts on all our systems. This prevents unnecessary downtime, minimises call-out costs and is critical for ensuring you get maximum return on your investment.

ANCO can also manage the decommissioning and resale, disposal or recycling of old equipment.

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UPS Solutions & Supply

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